Why Do Fish Follow Me In The Ocean?

We often vacate the ocean, and swimming is one of the best ways to spend time there. And many people often experience phenomenal moments when swimming in the ocean.

For example, there are many cases of cute interaction in the ocean where fish follow people in the sea. It is quite a common situation that you or your friends have experienced.

So, why do fish follow you in the ocean?

This piece focuses on this FAQ and other related questions. Thus, ensure that you continue reading through the article.

Why Do Fish Follow You In The Ocean?

After vacating the ocean or for people living near the oceans, there are cases where people comment on the fish following them. And there are a few reasons for this occurrence.

Fish Are Attracted To Shiny Gold Products

Many hotels offer shiny gold bracelets to the people staying with them. And coincidentally, many tourists who often comment that fish were following them have the bracelets on them.

Thus, many people are convinced that fish are attracted to shiny gold.

Fish Will Follow You If You Feed Them

Fish operate like typical animals despite their wild nature. It means that it will follow people who feed them in the ocean.

So, when you feed fish, it is quite straightforward that they will follow you.

Also, fish in the ocean have probably figured out that people often come with food to feed them. Thus, many cases of the fish following you even when you haven’t fed them.

Fish are pretty intelligent, and it’s natural to follow someone who offers you benefits.


Fish usually follow you as you swim in the ocean due to curiosity. Many people point out that your body or clothes draw their attention or your smell.

Generally, the natural habitat of fish is the ocean and other natural waterbodies, while humans live on land. Just like people are curious about the fish, they may feel the same when dealing with strangers or intruders.

Fish Can Get Territorial In The Ocean

Some fish species are territorial, especially when brooding. They take the intruders as enemies or attackers, as with swimmers.

In that case, some fish species, like triggerfish, are likely to attack even swimmers. As a result, many swim guards don’t recommend swimmers swim too deep in the ocean and far away from land.

Also, there are cases where reflections from goggles, swimwear, or cameras can trigger the fish defenses leading to them following you.


Fish are wild animals that are always hunting for food. In some cases, larger fish will prey on the smaller ones.

So, for protection, small fish follow people in the ocean to disrupt or blindside their attackers.

Barracuda and jacks also follow the same tricks when looking to attack smaller sea animals.

Fish Are Attracted To Blood In The Ocean

Fish tend to be sensitive to smell, especially that of blood. So, if you have a cut, scratch, or have your period, the fish are likely to follow you.

Note that the fish depends on a complex web of senses other than their sight. Thus, it is always easy for them to pinpoint where you are and will quickly follow you.

Is It Normal For Fish To Follow You?

The fish are more intelligent than people think. So, in areas where fishing is prohibited, and people go there to swim, the fish tend to become less mindful of people.

They will follow you due to curiosity or some of the reasons above. Whatever the case is, fish following you in the ocean has become routine.

Plus, when you swim at the right places without going deep into the ocean, there is nothing to worry about regarding such a situation.

Besides, always swim in the ocean where there are lifeguards and where the ocean police have designated as the best places. Ensure that you follow the warnings, especially regarding where to swim.

Can Fish Following You In The Ocean Be Dangerous?

Fish following you in the ocean is common due to the reasons stated above and many more. It has become the standard when people swim in the ocean, but people still fear the situation is dangerous.

Can fish following you in the ocean be dangerous?

Yes, salvaging fish like the sharks following you is pretty dangerous. They are hazardous and pose a danger to humans.

But. Sharks following you is rare since they remain deep in the ocean and far away from land. Thus, when you maintain the swimming standards in the sea, it is unlikely to have big fish like sharks following you.

Instead, you have the smaller harmless fish following you, which is a cute and worthwhile experience.

What Does It Mean When Fish Swim Around You?

Fish swim around you when you keep them as pets in a water tank in your house. It is hard to judge whether they are looking for attention and to be fed or are excited that you are home.

Of course, if you think of them like typical pets like dogs and cats, the latter would be what you think.

But, it is always hard to tell what pet fish are thinking and the message they wish to communicate. When they behave in such a way, ensure that you check everything before concluding they are happy to see you.

Why Do Fish Nibble At Your Feet?

Other than the fish following you in the ocean, there are cases you feel them nibble at your feet.

Experts comment that such behavior is because the fish are looking for food. The fish are pretty wild and salvage food in the entire ocean.

As a result, they tend to nibble at your feet when they think they are food.

How Do You Tell If A Fish Likes You?

When people see fish follow them in the ocean, they conclude that they like them, and it may be the case. But how do you define if fish like you?

When fish are happy, their fins flare out and swim around you actively.