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Why Does Bass Have Red Eyes?

Bass is a species of fish that have garnered popularity for their diverse habitats, and notable adaptability. One of the most intriguing characteristics of certain bass species, setting them apart from their aquatic counterparts, is their unique red eyes. More

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Can You Use a Chainsaw for Ice Fishing?

To catch fish, ice fishermen drill holes in ice-covered rivers, lakes, and ponds. This is a common winter activity. A lot of individuals wonder if they may utilize a chainsaw for ice fishing even though there are many tools accessible

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Does Line Color Matter for Ice Fishing?

Did you notice that ice-angling experts use vividly colored fishing lines? Fish have excellent vision. A colored line has a leader line made of clear fluorocarbon with the bait attached to it during ice fishing. When tying on bait, seeing

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Can Fish Die From Overeating?

In case you have a pet, or fish or have an aquarium at your home, you might be regularly feeding them different types of food that you have bought. However, in case you are thinking of owning a fish or

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When Does Ice Fishing End in Wisconsin?

Among many anglers, ice fishing season is their favorite. Even though it gets bitterly cold outside, the fishing is still great. Wisconsin’s lakes provide some of the best fishing of the year, which begins as soon as the water bodies

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Does Full Moon Affect Ice Fishing?

In human history, the moon has always been seen as very mysterious. Since ancient times, full moons have been linked to strange or crazy things like sleepwalking, death, breaking the law, violent outbursts, and, of course, werewolves. However, science has

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How To Cast Net For Mullet?

A mullet is a group of fish known for their distinct elongated bodies and forked tails. They are found in saltwater and freshwater environments worldwide. Mullet are known for their jumping ability and preference for shallow coastal waters. They play

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Why Are Some Fishing Reels So Expensive?

Fishing is a timeless activity practiced across cultures and generations, bringing individuals closer to nature’s abundant waterways. Fishing is a calming activity that lets you escape into nature and gives you an exciting thrill when you catch a fish. The

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Why Does The Fisherman Let The Fish Go?

Fishing is a livelihood for many fishermen around the world. These individuals rely on fishing as their primary source of income to support themselves and their families. They navigate the waters searching for fish, using various methods such as nets,

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How to Kill a Catfish? [Best Practice]

Understanding how to kill the fish is crucial in preparing catfish for your meal. A catfish can be killed in several ways, but it’s essential to consider humane procedures and safety measures. Various methods for killing catfish include pithing, spinal

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Can I Use a Carp Rod for Beach Fishing?

A carp rod is common among anglers due to its versatility during fishing. They allow you to try out various angling techniques, including spinning, ledger, and float, to mention a few. However, it is a piece of fishing equipment usually

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What Is The Worst Time Of Day To Go Fishing?

Selecting the right time to go fishing is vital to enhancing the probability of success. The fish’s behavior and feeding patterns could substantially change based on the day’s period. Most fishing experts believe that midday and late at night are

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Does Catfish Have Bones?

There are so many mysteries regarding catfish. The fish species is known for various controversies, but not all are facts. For example, quite a huge fraction of people believe it is unhealthy to eat catfish. Others think it has a

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Are Black Drums Good to Eat?

There are high chances of catching black drums when angling in the Atlantic waters. The saltwater fish species resemble the red drum, but its characteristics include black-striped scales and jet-black fins. It is usually a huge catch, with weight ranging

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Do Ghost Crabs Make Good Bait?

When it comes to fishing, the choice of bait can make all the difference between a successful outing and a disappointing day on the water. Anglers constantly seek the perfect bait to entice their target species and increase their chances

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Is Carolina Skiff A Bass Boat?

Carolina Skiff is a renowned boating industry brand known for its versatile and durable vessels. Regarding fishing, one popular question arises is whether Carolina Skiff boats can be classified as bass boats. By examining the similarities and differences, we aim

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How Long Does A Fly Fishing Line Last?

Fly fishing is a time-honored angling technique that combines precision, patience, and skill. At the heart of this traditional sport lies the fly fishing line,

Where Do I Start With Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is a popular recreational activity that people have enjoyed for centuries. It combines the excitement of fishing with the serenity of being out

How To Store Fly Fishing Leaders?

If you’re an avid fly fisherman, you know how important keeping your equipment organized and in good condition is. One of the most critical pieces