Can You Use Lithium Grease on Fishing Reels?

In case you go out fishing often, you must already have a favorite brand and type for your fishing reel and rod, which is perhaps the most important tool for catching fish.

But, in case you are new to fishing or want to learn more about how you can maintain and take care of your fishing reel, you might be confused about the choice of oil or grease.

Both are used on fishing reels to help them function better and not let the reel get old quickly or lose its functioning.

In this article, we would be discussing whether you can use lithium grease on a fishing reel and also if using oil with it is a good idea after all.

What is Lithium Grease?

Lithium grease is nothing but a type of lubricant that contains lithium as a primary component. It helps make the entire grease thick and versatile.

It is often used to lubricate a lot of metal or functional objects and it helps make them long-lasting and durable. It has a smooth texture and is often used in vehicles as well.
Apart from this, it is popular for being used in industries and even households as well. It is commonly applied on hinges as well so that they work well and do not get jammed.

It helps reduce friction to a minimum and can work best if you follow the instructions imprinted on the packaging.

Do You Need to Grease Your Fishing Reel?

If you are wondering if it is important to grease your fishing reel, you must know that without greasing your reel, you may not be able to sustain it for long.

It is strongly recommended that to ensure the optimal functioning of the fishing reel, it must be maintained and greased regularly. Especially right before you are using it after a long time.

A fishing reel is constituted of tiny parts that make up the tool and thus, greasing it helps ensure that the friction can be reduced and any kind of damage can be avoided.

Greasing also helps keep the reel safe and clean, which is important if you want to use your reel for a long time.

What Kind of Grease Do You Use on a Fishing Reel?

When it comes to selecting a grease for the fishing reel, you must understand that all fishing reels have a different need and you might have to select one that suits your reel.

Make sure that the reel you have is compatible with the grease you are applying, or else you would just end up wasting your money in vain. Additionally, the grease these days are water resistant, so make sure that it has this feature before you buy it.

Further, how viscous your grease is also helped ensure that it can be applied on the reel comfortably and would stay on it for a long period.

You must ensure that you speak to an expert so that you know which kind of grease would be right for your reel.

Can You Use Lithium Grease on Fishing Reels?

Indeed, you can use lithium grease on your fishing reel, as it can help lubricate your reel and can also go a long way in protecting and safeguarding all the important parts.

Especially the metal parts of your reel are most crucial in its functioning and if you apply lithium grease, chances are it would make it even more durable.

However, you must not use it liberally as if you are using it to clean. Make sure to select the most important spots and only apply grease there, including the bearings, gears, and the parts that move a lot.

You should ideally take out the reel and first clean it before you apply grease for maximum benefits. Additionally, make sure to experiment and find out which grease is best for your reel.

Where Should You Not Use Lithium Grease?

The most important question now should be where exactly should you apply the lithium grease. Since it is versatile and extremely effective, you can apply it in most of the places in the reel.

However, the bearings are the most crucial part of the reel and since they are designed intricately, they may require a specialized or different grease.

Thus, you must not use lithium or any other grease with them. Moreover, you must refrain from applying grease on any of the heat-sensitive areas of the reel or spots that have electrical contact or system.
Applying grease in these areas can easily lead to them becoming defective and then you would need to replace them, or change the reel entirely, making you spend a lot of money.

Should You Use Oil or Grease for Fishing Reels?

If you are confused between using oil or grease for fishing reels, you must understand that both serve different purposes, and selecting one depends on the kind of reel you are using.

For instance, using oil in a fishing reel is good if the reel is small or lightweight and does not require a tough lubricant to keep it functioning.

Oil has low viscosity and thus can get into the tiny gaps or spots of your reel, saving you a lot of money as you would not need to buy different grease.

However, grease is a thicker alternative and has higher viscosity, thus, it is ideal if you are using a larger reel that needs more lubrication on the surface and the main shafts.

A grease is also a good option if you want to prevent the metal components from corrosion and ensure better resistance therein.


Therefore, in this article, we saw that you can use lithium grease with your fishing reel and it is a much-recommended choice. But you must find the grease as per its suitability.

Since different reels have different needs, you might need to browse more or research deeply before finalizing any grease or oil. Additionally, typically you would find all the necessary information on the labels and packaging by the manufacturer.

Simply follow these instructions, keep your reel clean, and grease it regularly.