Can You Use Lithium Grease on Fishing Reels?

In case you go out fishing often, you must already have a favorite brand and type for your fishing reel and rod, which is perhaps the most important tool for catching fish. But, in case you are new to fishing or want to learn more about how you can maintain and take care of your […]

Can Electricity Travel Through the Fishing Line?

We all love fishing and it is indeed one of the most famous and well-known weekend plans for most families, especially if you reside near a water source. Fishing can be fun, but it can also turn out to be unsafe for you if you are not following the right precautions. Thus, it is crucial […]

Why Does Bass Have Red Eyes?

Bass is a species of fish that have garnered popularity for their diverse habitats, and notable adaptability. One of the most intriguing characteristics of certain bass species, setting them apart from their aquatic counterparts, is their unique red eyes. More than a simple color variation, this striking feature hints at the complex interplay of genetics […]

Can You Use a Chainsaw for Ice Fishing?

To catch fish, ice fishermen drill holes in ice-covered rivers, lakes, and ponds. This is a common winter activity. A lot of individuals wonder if they may utilize a chainsaw for ice fishing even though there are many tools accessible for drilling holes. A chainsaw is a go-to tool for duties, including woodworking, ice sculpting, […]

Does Line Color Matter for Ice Fishing?

Did you notice that ice-angling experts use vividly colored fishing lines? Fish have excellent vision. A colored line has a leader line made of clear fluorocarbon with the bait attached to it during ice fishing. When tying on bait, seeing what’s attached to the bottom, high visibility monofilament fiber line can help. Selecting the best […]

How Many Holes Do You Drill for Ice Fishing?

People who have never gone ice fishing believe that it consists only of going out onto the ice, drilling, and catching fish. It is one approach, but there’s a chance you won’t be successful at catching fish. Smart fishermen use a common strategy that starts before the ice is thick to sustain a group of […]

Can Fish Die From Overeating?

In case you have a pet, or fish or have an aquarium at your home, you might be regularly feeding them different types of food that you have bought. However, in case you are thinking of owning a fish or are going out fishing and are wondering about the fish food, or even if you […]

When Does Ice Fishing End in Wisconsin?

Among many anglers, ice fishing season is their favorite. Even though it gets bitterly cold outside, the fishing is still great. Wisconsin’s lakes provide some of the best fishing of the year, which begins as soon as the water bodies freeze over typically in late December or early January. Most fish caught within Wisconsin each […]

Does Full Moon Affect Ice Fishing?

In human history, the moon has always been seen as very mysterious. Since ancient times, full moons have been linked to strange or crazy things like sleepwalking, death, breaking the law, violent outbursts, and, of course, werewolves. However, science has proven that none of these things are true. When it comes to the full moon […]

Can You Catch Fish In The Middle Of the Day?

Fishing is a hobby enjoyed by millions across the globe, appreciated for its tranquillity, challenge, and connection with nature. Yes, you can catch fish in the middle of the day. The best time to fish is usually early morning or late afternoon, as fish are most active during these times. But that doesn’t mean you […]