Are Black Drums Good to Eat?

There are high chances of catching black drums when angling in the Atlantic waters.

The saltwater fish species resemble the red drum, but its characteristics include black-striped scales and jet-black fins.

It is usually a huge catch, with weight ranging from 5 to 30 lbs.

So, what’s next upon realizing that this fish is your catch?

Is black drum good to eat?

Yes, do not hesitate to eat black drum since it is good to eat usually after cleaning, deboning, and cooking it.

That explains why it is a common item in most restaurants that sell seafood.

What Are the Health Benefits of Black Drum Fish?

When eating black drum fish, you enjoy a tasty meal while reaping various health benefits.

It has various nutrients, and each of them has its benefits, including the following;


A black drum fish contains protein your body needs to build and repair its body tissues.

Interestingly, you get up to 16 g of protein upon consuming a black drum serving of 3 ounces only.

So, if you are looking for a rich source of protein, black drum fish fits the bill excellently.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

One of the benefits of these nutrients is ensuring that your heart stays healthy, and that’s something no one can take for granted.

Omega-3, also known as an anti-inflammatory, reduces body inflammation and lowers the risk of stroke and heart disease.

It also reduces the chances of falling into depression while improving how your brain functions.


One notable mineral in the black drum is selenium ideal for healthy skin.

It maintains such skin by reducing inflammation and protecting it from the harshness of UV rays and radiation.

There is also phosphorous known for boosting energy metabolism.

It is also excellent for maintaining the health of your teeth and bones.


Expect vitamin B12 in a black drum fish and its importance in red blood cell production.

It is also good for ensuring that your nervous system functions healthily.

Another vitamin in this fish species is Vitamin D, to boost your immune system and maintains bone health.

Interestingly, a serving of black drum will have more of these nutrients than a similar serving of fish such as trout and salmon.


People tend to demonize calories, but that’s unfair since our bodies need them.

The problem is usually high calorie intake, but that’s not one of your worries if you take black drum fish.

After all, calories are fewer than most fish species making it ideal even when dealing with weight issues.

The same applies to its fat content, and the health benefits of such a diet are quite many for obvious reasons.

Is It Safe to Eat Black Drum?

Yes, you have nothing to worry about when eating black drums.

That’s why it is a common ingredient in various recipes.

Some people use it as a main course, whereas others use it to complete other dishes, especially a chowder or a stew.

That said, there are several things you need to be wary of as you enjoy the tasty fish.

First, the black drum is a bony fish hence the chances of swallowing a spiky one when eating, which can harm or irritate your throat.

Your mouth or throat can also suffer the safe fate due to the fish’s rough scales.

Lastly, black drums usually have worms; hence, it is important to be careful when preparing the fish and cooking it thoroughly.

How Does Black Drum Taste?

If you have ever tasted red snapper, you will notice a similar mild flavor upon tasting the black drum fish.

Despite being firm, the flesh is also flake making it suitable for baking or frying.

Avoid the large black drums if you want relatively smooth meat since they have rough skin.

On the other hand, their smaller counterparts, popularly known as drum puppies, are way sweet.

Consequently, large black drums are often used in soups, stews, and fish cakes.

Can You Eat Black Drum Raw?

Yes, you can eat black drum fish raw but strive to stick to the small ones while at it.

Ensure that the fish’s weight doesn’t exceed five pounds if you eat it raw.

If you consider eating the large drum fish raw, you will find it quite hard, making it uncomfortable to eat.

On the other hand, the small ones are soft, and you can conveniently eat them raw.

Whereas you can eat them raw in various forms, the most recommended dishes are ceviche and sashimi.

Can You Eat the Worms in a Black Drum?

One notable characteristic of black drum fish is the worms.

They are often called spaghetti worms and are common in saltwater fish; the black drum is no exception.

These worms have a length ranging from 1 to 3 inches and are usually white.

The worms prefer staying around the tail; you can find between 5 and 15 worms in a single black drum fish.

Interestingly, that worm has a lifespan of almost 7 years.

Nevertheless, the thought of these worms has discouraged many people from eating this delicious meat.

However, that shouldn’t be any of your worries since the worms don’t affect humans in any way.

They can neither bite you nor contaminate the black drum fish.

The quality of the fish meat also remains the same whether the worms are present or absent, without any additional taste besides extra protein.

Besides, the spaghetti worms are easy to remove, and you master the art well with time.

The worms are also big enough not to miss one.

Even if you miss one or more worms, you still have nothing to worry about since they are safe to eat.

So, don’t be surprised to notice how unbothered anglers are when dealing with these spaghetti worms.

Besides, the temperature you need to cook the fish is enough to kill these worms.

The bottom line is that eating the worms in black drum fish is safe.

Is Black Drum as Good as Red Drum?

There is a striking resemblance to the taste you experience when eating black and red drum fish.

The flavor has a slight difference that’s often hard to miss, especially if you don’t eat fish often.

For instance, people sometimes feel that the black drum tastes less fishy than its red counterpart.