I had a chance to get out and fish Monday and Tuesday this week. Monday was really slow but yesterday things seemed to really pick up, we saw more salmon in an hour and a half than I have all year, it really seemed to turn on overnight. There were a lot of fish on the spawning gravel and new ones pushing up. After a weird beginning of the fall it was great to see things shaping up, even if it is a month behind. It seems a lot of people have been frustrated by the slower start, but remember that fish don’t have calendars, they were just waiting for the conditions and temperature to tell them it’s time to move up. From what we saw yesterday, we should be in for a good fall. Fishing should be good from here on out for salmon, steelhead and resident trout.

We decided to fish beads behind the gravel and nick caught the nice steelhead in the picture on a trout bead under a bobber

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