Do Ghost Crabs Make Good Bait?

When it comes to fishing, the choice of bait can make all the difference between a successful outing and a disappointing day on the water. Anglers constantly seek the perfect bait to entice their target species and increase their chances of reeling in a prized catch. In recent years, a creature that has garnered attention […]

Is Carolina Skiff A Bass Boat?

Carolina Skiff is a renowned boating industry brand known for its versatile and durable vessels. Regarding fishing, one popular question arises is whether Carolina Skiff boats can be classified as bass boats. By examining the similarities and differences, we aim to provide clarity and insight into whether Carolina Skiff boats can fulfill the requirements and […]

Do Slugs Make Good Fishing Bait?

Regarding fishing bait, anglers are always looking for unique and effective options that will entice their target fish and increase their chances of a successful catch. In unconventional bait choices, slugs have emerged as an intriguing and debated option. Their slimy texture and abundance in certain environments have prompted questions among fishing enthusiasts: Do slugs […]

Do Hermit Crabs Make Good Bait?

When it comes to the world of bait for fishing, anglers are constantly seeking effective and reliable options to entice their target catch. While traditional baits like worms, shrimp, and minnows have long held their place in angling lore, a lesser-known contender has quietly emerged: the hermit crab. But the question remains, do hermit crabs […]

Cheapest States To Buy Boats [Choices You Would Love]

If you’re an avid boating enthusiast or considering purchasing your first boat, you’re likely aware that boats can be a significant investment. The cost of buying a boat can vary depending on several factors, including the vessel’s type, size, brand, and condition. However, one crucial factor that often influences the price is the location of […]

Why Do Ziploc Bags Leak?

When running your house, especially the kitchen, Ziploc bags are pretty standard. They are often used to store foodstuff and for general organization. They are wonderful tools anyone can use for an effortless experience in your kitchen. But, there are many cases where the Ziploc bags leak. In that case, this article focuses on this […]

Why Do Fish Follow Me In The Ocean?

We often vacate the ocean, and swimming is one of the best ways to spend time there. And many people often experience phenomenal moments when swimming in the ocean. For example, there are many cases of cute interaction in the ocean where fish follow people in the sea. It is quite a common situation that […]

Can You Use CLP on Fishing Reels?

Whether you are fishing for fun or commercial purposes, one thing that cuts across all anglers is the need to maintain the gear well. It increases your fishing gear longevity, saving you the money you would have spent replacing your reels often. Equally important, your fishing reels stay in good condition throughout. Consequently, your angling […]

Does Vaseline Make Fishing Line Float?

Most anglers appreciate a floating fishing line. After all, picking up the slack gets easy under such conditions. Equally important, it gives them the control they need over the slack, thus facilitating successful fishing. If that’s the case, figuring out how to go about it is important. What are your options regarding what you can […]

Can Jigging Rod Be Used for Bottom Fishing?

Anglers frequently employ bottom fishing to catch different kinds of fish. Targeting fish that live close to the water’s bottom includes using large weights and bait. Some anglers have begun experimenting with jigging rods. However, most still prefer conventional rods and reels for bottom fishing. But can you use a jigging rod for bottom fishing? […]