Migratory Fish

The Muskegon River provides a broad variety of fishing 365 days a year that is unrivaled. There are opportunities for trophy size resident trout (both brown and rainbow) 12 months out of the year. During winter and early spring, nymphing and streamer fishing are the go to methods. Many of the larger fish are caught fishing egg flies or trout beads behind spawning fish. The trout position themselves in feeding lanes below the spawning activity where they can use very little energy to gorge on the high protein eggs. Not only do spawning spring steelhead  provide s steady flow of eggs to the fisheries

In late September we haul out the big rods and chase migratory fish on the Muskegon River. As the first king salmon arrive and stake out holding water below the spawning runs, we gear up with two-handers and heavy weights to handle the fall, winter and spring season. The shop stocks a full selection of spey, fly and float fishing gear for salmon, steelhead and lake run brown trout.

King Salmon can arrive in the river in fishable numbers near mid-September. By the first weeks of October, it’s game on for fall steelhead and lake run brown trout that have entered the river to gorge on salmon eggs and later spawn.   Steelhead fishing continues through the winter months and into the peak of the spawning run in April and March. Post spawn steelhead are not uncommon in May and can be caught well into June.

For King Salmon fishing we recommend fly rods in at least 8wt, a 9 or 10wt is ideal. A good large arbor reel with a strong drag and plenty of backing. For spin anglers a rod between 7’6″ and 9’0″ for 8-17# line and a good strong spinning reel in sizes 3500 or 4000 is ideal.

For Steelhead, a 7-9 wt single hand or a 7-8 wt spey/switch are recommended.