Latest products in the shop

I have slacked off on keeping the site up to date lately so I wanted to let everyone know about the products we’ve added to our inventory since I last made a post on here:

  • Scott Fly Rods
  • Sage Fly Reels
  • Raven Helix XL 5″ Centerpin Reels
  • Ahrex and Kona Hooks
  • EP 4.5″ Invader Brush
  • Hareline Bling Rabbit
  • Hareline Helix Flash
  • fishpond bags, packs and accessories
  • Aqua Flies (Including Kevin Feenstra’s Swinging Patterns)
  •  Ripple Ice Hair, Ripple Ice Dub and Ripple Ice Wing
  • Arctic Fisherman Mutation Fox, Blue Fox and Finn Coon Hair
  • MFC Barred Schlappen, Marabou and Saddle Hackle
  • d’s Flyes Super Egg Beads
  • Airflo Rage Compact Shooting Heads
  • Hareline’s Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe
  • Rio’s Euro Nymph Shorty – a 20ft section of Euro Nymph Line to simple attach to your floating line
  • Nature’s Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou, Schlappen and Saddle Hackle