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Flashabou Weave
Flashabou Weave

We got a few really interesting new fly tying products from Hareline Dubbin this week. Pictured above is the new Flashabou Weave, which is two strands of flsshabou wrapped tightly around a center strand, creating some really fishing looking three color combos.

We also have Senyo’s predator wrap in a bunch of new fish catching colors. This is a great product that has been around for a year or two already but until now, the color choices were very limited.

Another new flashabou product we just added is the Grizzly Barred flashabou, which will undoubtedly prove to have many useful applications. The first thing that came to mind for me though was as a way of adding flash to intruder style steelhead flies. It looks very similar to barred ostrich with some added flash (somewhat subtle in comparison to many flashabou products).

A couple other new products worth noting are the EP Steelie Egg Brushes, Intruder Prop Hackle, and glow in the dark 3d stick on eyes.

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    Last Modified on September 25, 2015
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